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    Sexy cop owned by the Chinese government!

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    Beijing-based model, Wang Xiaomeng, was sentenced to 9 months in jail for impersonating a police woman. A court in Fengtai, Beijing ruled that the 23-year-old will not have to serve her sentence in prison though by suspending it for a year.

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    Wang Xiaomeng, 23, thought she had a new, totally awesome, modeling gig when she was contacted to take part in a promotional shoot for a detective novel. She was offered $3,000 yuan (approximately $480 USD) to wear a skimpy police uniform for the shoot.

    Afterwards Wang posted the photos to China's version of Twitter, Weibo, in July. Obviously a half-naked, sexy cop is prime retweet material, because the post was retweeted over 500 times and received 300 comments.

    Most of the attention was positive, duh, but the negative attention was enough to get Wang arrested for impersonating an officer. Yeah, she totally looks like a real cop. Oh and so does the stripper at our secretaries bachelorette party!