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    Roof Garden Orchestra - Sonny Boy


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    This appears to be a pseudonym for The Goofus Five and their Orchestra. According to Brian Rust, "the Goofus Five struck a neat balance between commercial dance music and what might be termed thorough-going jazz. (...) Back in 1924, Ed Kirkeby, the manager of the prestigious American dance band known as the California Ramblers, decided that a quintet of the band within the band would be an excellent novelty, especially for playing popular tunes of the day for dancers who preferred their music with a strong jazz flavour. So it came about that the Little Ramblers were formed; but like the parent band, they recorded only on Columbia. Finding their music was a success, Kirkeby secured contracts with other record companies under the name of the Five Birmingham Babies, and on Okeh as the Goofus Five." The most famous members were A. Rollini, I. Brodsky, H. Weil and T. Felline. As suggested above by the credits "Goofus Five and their Orchestra", the quintet was accompanied by a larger band. Collective personnel includes Collective personnel includes Angel Rattiner, Al King, Tony Russo, Frank Cush, Nick Casti, Mickey Bloom, t / Carl Loeffler, Ted Raph, Frank Ferretti, Reg Harrington, tb / Pete Pumigliov and Carl Orech or Harold Marcus, cl, as / Sam Ruby, cl, ts / Larry Kosky, Joe LaFaro, Al Duffy, vn / Chauncey Gray, p / Tommy Fellini, bj, g / Ward Lay, bb, sb / Stan King, d / This great (unfortunately extremely worn) record was made in 1928. The lovely vocal is by Irving Kaufman. I apologize for the video glitch, probably because due to compression upon upload.