Imperium - "Winter's Dawn" Official Music Video


by BlankTV

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Director: Didac Marcó


About The Video: Fist Video of Imperium from their debut album "Winter's Dawn".

Band Bio:
Imperium is a Mexican metal band formed in 2008. Being inspired by epic, orchestral, theatrical music and many metal bands such as the Scandinavian metal bands, they decided to create their own music.

"Victory's Reign", being their first EP released, was the key to create many opportunities such as their first formal gig called "Winter Metal Fest"(2008) at the Circo Volador Bar.

Good reviews were given and several months after,they decided to enter the Mexican "Wacken Metal Battle", which was another good chance to show what Imperium is made of, also it would take them to support Amon Amarth's show at Circo Volador.
In 2010 they recorded their first album entitled "Winter's Dawn" which went on sale in August 2011. In May, 2012, they recorded "Winter's Dawn" video clip.

Who is who in the band:
Jorge -Growls/clean vocals/ Bass
Gonzalo - Guitar
Vernon - Guitar/clean vocals
Benjamín - Drums

Winter's Dawn
Written by: Jorge Salmay
At the shore
During winter,
days are dark
With the wind blowing cold
The ocean breeze
Freezes my heart
Growing revenge

The sand unfolds my life
Unleashing terrors from the past
Captured by Gods
Horrid cries are in the wind
Haunted water roars for blood
They've found my grief

"My death march will never end, destiny is where heroes may roam"

Waiting for sunlight to give me a sign
There's no tomorrow if I can't forget my past

My treachery was the key to break the bonds with home
And left my spark fading away
Eternal flame raises from snow
To hear the mighty horn
A powerful roar produces a storm chasing my dreams
My dreams
Locked in the mist
Grant me a wish my only desire, take me to a place where heroes may roam

The place that heroes deserve
A place of honor and faith
The Gods have left us on our side
We've got no where to go
We try to find the way to home
We follow winter's snow
The eagle on the sky above is free and flying beyond the light
And here I am lost in the snow
Calm and ready to die
Waiting for sunlight to give me a sign
There's no tomorrow if I can't forget my past

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