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    Jazz-Orchester der Haller Revue - Onkel Müller hat 'nen Triller


    par kspm0220s

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    Thanks a lot, Jack, so glad you found the notes interesting and enjoyed the music, which is so unmistakably German indeed. Thank you as well for adding that nice anecdote; that name was an excellent pun :-)
    Par kspm0220sIl y a 3 ans
    Thank you Ginny! This is a very catchy tune indeed, brilliantly performed. According to the pictures the Haller Revue must have been quite something :-) I'm "trilled" (couldn't resist the pun) you loved this posting.
    Par kspm0220sIl y a 3 ans
    Boston Blackie
    Very nice with excellent notes. The music had that touch of oom-pah-pah so popular with the Germans. Over here in those times travelling reviews known as "The Ice Capades" were quite popular.
    Par Boston BlackieIl y a 3 ans
    Ginny Karyn (gigi129)
    Awesome post! The costumes were unbelievable...I don't know how the dancer at approx 2:27 kept that headdress balanced! The music is fantastic and so is your editing!Thank you for also sharing the link to the vocal version! It was fun!
    Par Ginny Karyn (gigi129)Il y a 3 ans