Tracing History From Banning Museum

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The Banning Museum located in the city of Wilmington, Los Angeles, which was the Father of the Port and Transportation in the City of Los Angeles.

Banning family's house manor, well preserved US Western architecture and lifestyle in 19th century.

Today, LIFESTYLES takes you to have a look in the Banning Museum.


The Banning Residence was built in 1864 by a entrepreneur, Phineas Banning, he also was the founder of the city of Wilmington.

During that period, significant chinese immigration began with the discovery of gold in California and the following Gold Rush in 1849. Ben Lim's great great grandfather was one of them.

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): BEN LIM, Lim's great great grandson

"Society of Southern California joined by the Banning Museum to present about a talk of my great great grandfather Lim Yang, his story in America in the Banning Family. He came, my great great grandfather, he came to United States when he was in his teens, and he worked in the General Banning's home a
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