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    Woman Attacks Boyfriend After Bad Sex

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    A woman attacks her boyfriend after she doesn’t climax during sex.

    Not happy with how things are in bed?

    One expressive pair took it to another level with a nasty, physical argument right after intercourse.

    24-year-old, Raquel Gonzalez allegedly attacked her 30-year-old boyfriend because he climaxed during their sexual encounter and she did not. That frustration reportedly led to an all-out brawl.

    According to police reports “she became upset and began hitting and scratching him, causing scratches near his eye and nose”. She was arrested and charged with felony domestic battery.

    She had allegedly gotten physical with her boyfriend in a not-so-nice way in previous incidents. But Gonzalez told officers that she also suffered during the recent incident, as she had scratches on her body from when he tried to restrain her.

    Earlier this year, there were several other bizarre domestic occurrences. 26-year-old, John Caruso was arrested for domestic battery after allegedly squirting dish soap into his girlfriend, Stephanie Madewell's mouth to stop her from cursing.

    This past summer, police arrested 51-year-old Perry Williams. He and his wife were reportedly arguing over whether or not key lime pie was considered a fruit which escalated into Williams throwing the pie at his wife.