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    Banana Fiber Sanitary Pads for Women in Developing Countries

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    Banana fiber sanitary pads are made for women in developing countries.

    Helping women and adolescent girls in third world countries have access to sanitary pads to use when they have their monthly periods is an important issue.

    The lack of affordable necessary products to cope with menstruation leads to girls missing school and women missing work, which negatively effects the lives of women worldwide from Africa to Asia.

    To address this problem Harvard Business School and Kennedy School of Government graduate Elizabeth Scharpf has started a program that uses the absorbent fibers from banana trees to create affordable pads for women in poor countries.

    Not only is she addressing the sanitation and lifestyle issues raised by this problem, but Scharpf also plans to employ women at her factory in Rwanda, as well as sales staff who can work on commission selling the pads.

    A similar program intended to help school aged girls in Africa is in the running for a 10 thousand dollar grant that would make the nonprofit organization called Empower Women in Africa more sustainable.

    Since the non-profit started in 2011,they have been able to help about 25 hundred girls, and with the grant money they would be able to help about 10 thousand more.

    Why do you think this important issue has been over looked?