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    World's Oldest Father in PETA Campaign

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    The world oldest 96-year-old dad teams up with PETA for campaign.

    PETA has smartly teamed up with many well known souls for their marketing campaigns. The newest face for the company is a 96-year-old man, who was recently declared the world’s oldest father earlier this year.

    The Indian farmer who lives near New Delhi fathered a 4.5 pound newborn. Amazingly, the elderly male broke his own record from 2010 when at the age of 94; he reportedly had his first son with his then 52-year-old wife.

    With his new claim to fame, he will be the face of a PETA project aimed at fertility clinics. The slogan for the campaign is “Vegetarians Still Got It At the Age of 96.”

    The elderly dad states “I have been a vegetarian all my life, and I credit my stamina and virility to my diet of vegetables and grains”.

    Posters will be put up towards the end of the year, featuring the man and his new baby.

    Earlier this year, PETA India teamed up with adult star Sunny Leone for a campaign focused on homeless dogs. Proponents believed picking her would help start public conversations and debate needed to tackle the problem involving homeless dogs in India.