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    Scorpion Bites Woman on Plane

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A plane is sealed off after a scorpion bites a passenger.

    Any unexpected creature on a plane can cause panic.

    Recently an Iberia aircraft was sealed off after a scorpion bit a passenger.

    A Swiss woman was stung on a flight from San Jose, Costa Rica to Spain. When the flight landed in Madrid, airport personal arranged for medical attention.

    She was taken to a nearby hospital, where she stayed overnight and was released the next morning. The woman had been in a group with five other people who were also passengers on the flight.

    They had all planned a trip to Zurich but one stayed in Madrid to be with the bitten woman, while the four others continued on their journey.

    From another report from earlier this year, a 26 year old Australian pilot was flying solo for a cargo run to an outback aboriginal settlement. As he was in the air, he was shocked to see a snake popping out from the dashboard area.

    At the time, the pilot had no clue as to whether his slithery friend was venomous or not, but he calmly radioed in and requested an emergency landing.