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    73-year-old Man to Sail Around the World in Bathtub Boat

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    A 73-year-old man plans to sail around the world in a bathtub boat.

    A 73 year old Swedish man has decided to sail around the world in a boat that is only ten feet long and 6 feet wide.

    If he completes the journey he will hold the record for the smallest boat to sail around the globe without docking on land.

    The sailor, Sven Yrvind is a respected boat builder, who believes that he can survive at sea for around 800 days.

    The 'bathtub' size boat will be powered by wind, solar panels, gel batteries, and a foot crank.

    Yrvind’s has arranged for a boat from Melbourne, Australia to deliver supplies while he is at sea.

    The first person in recorded history to sail around the world was Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in 1969. Knox-Johnston told CNN: “In a boat that size he's just going to be rolled around and around like he's inside a giant washing machine.”

    Another man, Dr. Stanley Paris, has plans to become the oldest person, at age 76, to sail around the world ‘under sail non-stop and unassisted’. Paris plans to sail solo in a monohull cruising boat, and hopes to be the first person to do so non-stop using only the energy from the wind and water.

    What do you think of these men deciding to sail around the world?