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    Debate Stirs After Mom Lets 10-Year-Old Daughter Take Public Bus to School

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    A Maryland mom raises questions after letting her daughter take a public bus to school.

    There is no manual when it comes to parenting. All moms and dads make mistakes at times.

    But one mom’s decision is ruffling some feathers . Anna Engelsone gets her daughter on the bus every school day, however the 10-year-old takes the public ‘Ride-On’ buses rather than a traditional school bus.

    School buses do not pick up in the family’s neighborhood, which means the 5th grader had to find an alternate form of transportation. The mother drew criticism after someone alerted the school principal of the situation.

    The principal told Engelsone she was going to file a report with Child Welfare Services. The mother plans to continue letting her daughter ride public transit and doesn’t feel it’s a problem stating “I felt she was ready for this.”

    She thinks public buses are safe.

    What do you think - should a 10-year-old be allowed to ride a public bus alone? And is it appropriate for others to get involved in this situation or is it upto the mother to decide?