Opening to The Lorax 2012 DVD

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Brandon Bott
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NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!!! Requested by ShebWooleySucks297. Here's the order:
1. "Any views or opinions..."
2. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Blu-Ray trailer
3. Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar trailer
4. Energy Star promo
5. Fandango promo
6. American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars trailer
7. Discover the Forest promo
8. ParaNorman trailer
9. Ecomagination Light Bulbs promo
10. FBI Anti-Piracy Warning/Homeland Security Special Agent screen
11. National Intellectual Property Rights/Coordination Center screen
12. DVD Menu
13. Rated PG screen
14. Universal 100th Anniversary logo
15. Illumination Entertainment logo (The Lorax variant)

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I have this on Blu-Ray.
By Ryan Vo 2 years ago