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    My Little Dreamworks: The Trail We Blaze

    Daga Yemar

    by Daga Yemar

    ... new... Harry Dresden book... can't stop... reading...

    But seriously, I can't completely blame Dresden for this long wait. Despite being the most requested song from long before I started the break, I just didn't know what to do with it. For the life of me I couldn't think of a good cast or a parallel or anything. I was stumped. So I thought to myself, instead of my usual lip-syncing thing, why not try something a little more traditionally pmv? The end result turned out better than I could have hoped. The whole Never-Ending Story vibe I managed to catch makes this probably my favorite video I've done in a long time!

    And on that note, I'm announcing that the request period is over! Don't worry if I didn't get to your suggestion, now I know what you want if I ever do this again. Plus I might still throw one or two together when I'm bored. Starting next video, we return to DISNEY!

    I do not own My Little Pony or Dreamworks, but I do have an ad in the Chicago phone book. I'm one of two under 'Wizard'. Just ignore that other guy, I think he's a charlatan or something...