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ESWC.CSGO Female Tournament


par RedacVaKarM

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ESWC.Female by MsTsN

Here is my movie about the whole female tournament ! Unfortunatly for some reasons there is no demos available of overtimes that's why sometimes we are going from 15/15 to 19/16 or so. Hope you'll enjoy that movie.

Resolution : 1280 * 720
Codec : x264 mp4
Length : 13 min 40
Size : ~600 Mo

Footages used :
Mainly from VaKarM.net then from ESEA NEWS, Reason-Gaming (thanks to blanks & orcl), ESWC (thanks to eMeriKa), 99 DAMAGE (thanks to knochen).
That's why there is various quality.

Shoutcasts used :
From ESEA Streaming ( dusT & Lazerjesus ) you can listen to them there :

Musics :
Meiko - Leave the lights on (Culture Code remix)
Amba Sheperd - Soldier (Culture Code remix)
Lindsey Stirling - Moon trance

MsTsN@VaKarM.net - www.twitter.com/MsTsN/ - www.youtube.com/user/aSTAMINO
VaKarM.net - Des news qui font du bruit

Download link : http://videos.vakarm.net/ESWC%20FEMALE%20by%20MsTsN.zip

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