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    Toyota Ignition System Car Battery Service Angleton Lake Jackson TX


    by gulf107gstcoa

    "Gulf Coast Toyota. Great value on Toyota Battery Service in Angleton and Lake Jackson TX

    The car battery may be the single most under-appreciated piece of equipment in your vehicle. We all take for granted that when the ignition key is turned the vehicle will start, and that power to start comes from the battery. But corrosion and increased energy requirements can cause a shorter battery life and leave you stranded. In fact only 30% of all batteries actually reach their 48-month life expectancy. Regular battery maintenance can help extend the life of your battery and increase its performance. To extend the life of your battery periodically wash it with clean water. A mixture of 6 parts water to one part baking soda will help remove any heavy corrosion that has accumulated. Be sure and remove the battery connections and thouroughly clean and inspect them before reattaching them tightly. While most batteries sold today are “maintenance free” and require only periodic cleaning to perform, serviceable batteries need to have the fluid level checked regularly. If the fluid level is low, refill to the appropriate level with distilled water, but don't overfill.

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