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    Sticks of Dynamite Discovered in Las Vegas Street

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    Police are looking into a bag of dynamite sticks that was found in downtown Las Vegas.

    A bag filled with dynamite is something you would never want to stumble upon. However that’s exactly what caused an area in Las Vegas to be evacuated recently.

    A downtown security guard reportedly witnessed a person leave behind a suspicious looking bag on a sidewalk. The employee flagged down a police official.

    Fire and rescue authorities including the bomb squad and an armored police unit were called to the scene and they found three sticks of dynamite in bag.

    The sticks were not rigged to go off, hence they did not pose an immediate danger but the occurrence is being investigated by law enforcement.

    According to eye witness accounts, the person who left the bag appeared to be a homeless person. In another report from earlier this year, 35 sticks of dynamite were found in a Michigan home.

    The lady of the house had been cleaning when she discovered the dynamite in a freezer. Officials believe the sticks belonged to the woman’s deceased husband, but no one was sure why he had been storing dynamite.

    The explosives were burned on site.