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    Man Run Over By His Own Vehicle Receives Ticket

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    A man run over by his own truck receives a citation.

    There are days that can make someone wish they never got out of bed.

    That was the case for one Massachusetts man, who got run over by his own vehicle and was later fined by police.

    According to Salem police, officers responded to an accident site, where they found 40-year-old Brian Reynolds lying on the pavement.

    He told police that his brakes stopped functioning while he was driving so he opened the driver’s side door and stuck his leg out in an effort to make the 25-year-old truck stop.

    He then attempted to steer the vehicle towards the right side of the road and ended up falling on the street. The still-moving truck ran over Reynolds’ leg and he continued to roll down the street before finally coming to a stop.

    He was hospitalized for minor injuries and ticketed $35 for driving with defective equipment. Reynolds isn’t the only unlucky soul.

    Earlier this year, a 54-year-old woman was backing out of her driveway. She stopped and got out of the SUV to get her newspaper, but accidentally left the vehicle in reverse.

    She fell to the ground and was run over. She survived, but was treated for a minor leg injury.