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    Elmo's (Kevin Clash) Sesame Street sex scandal heats up

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    A third accuser has surfaced in the Sesame Street sex scandal. Kevin Clash, the man behind Sesame Street's iconic Elmo character, now faces multiple lawsuits alleging that he had sexual relations with underage males.

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    In early November, the first accuser, Sheldon Stephens, 24, stepped forward alleging that he and Kevin Clash had a sexual relationship when he was just 16. Clash quickly took a hiatus to handle the matter privately. He admitted to the sexual relationship, but vowed it had become sexual when the Stephens was 18 years old. A day later Stephens recanted his allegations, and his lawyers issued a statement of courtesy to Clash.

    It looked like Clash's nightmare was over, but WAIT...who is this? Cue: Cecil Singleton. A second accuser claiming Clash had a sexual relationship with him (yes, him) when he was underage. According to Singleton, Clash had masterbated in front of him and groped him, but there was no actual penetration until he was an adult. After this news broke, Clash regretfully resigned from his 28-year stint at Sesame Street.

    Under a week later, a third man, came forward with the same allegations. His lawyer, who also happens to represent Cecil Clash, noted that the accuser who is going by "John Doe" started writing a book in 2009 about his relationship with Clash. If you absolutely cannot wait until the release of this book, you are in for a treat! John Doe's attorney will be reading a passage from it later today.