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    Two and a Half Men "filth" comment, Angus T. Jones apologizes

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    The show Two and a Half Men may be "filth", but is it also cursed? Charlie Sheen seems to think so. After Angus T. Jones bashed the show, he quickly issued an apology but the damage was already done.

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    When 19-year-old Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones, took to YouTube to announce he'd discovered Jesus, we thought this was your average case of Kirk Cameron syndrome. But then he called the wildly popular show "filth" and shiz hit the fan after that.

    Appearing on camera with Christopher Hudson, a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Jones tells viewers to "please stop watching it". Jones discovered Hudson through The ForeRunner Chronicles, Hudson's YouTube channel where he preaches about everything ranging from Obama's pro-gay agenda, to why Jay-Z is a freeman...Rrright.

    Jones released an apologetic statement the next day saying he's sorry "if" his remarks reflect him as being disrespectful and yadda the full load of B.S. here. We'd be apologizing too if it meant keep our $350,000 per-episode paycheck.

    The best thing about this whole fiasco is having a reason to talk to Charlie Sheen again! The ex-Two and a Half Man Don Juan told the press this is definitely a sign that the show is "cursed". Way to go Sheen, you've finally said something that kind-of, sort-of makes sense!