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    Chevrolet Wheel Alignment Front End Alignment Service Eden Prairie Minneapolis MN


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    "Suburban Chevrolet. We offer peace of mind when it comes to reliable Chevrolet Alignment Service in Eden Prairie and Minneapolis MN

    Potholes can wreak havoc on a vehicles alignment and suspension system. If the alignment is out, it can cause excessive tire wear and steering or tracking problems. The symptoms of a car that is out of alignment are: Uneven or rapid tire wear, pulling or drifting away from a straight line, wandering on a straight level road, spokes of the steering wheel off to one side while driving on a straight and level road. To correct these problems our service technicians have specialized equipment and processes for acurately adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. If you’re vehicle is experiencing any of these symptoms contact our Service professionals and schedule an appointment.

    Count on us for Chevrolet Alignment Service in Eden Prairie and Minneapolis MN Call today!

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