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    Argument Over Loud Music Ends in Fatal Shooting

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    An argument over loud music ends in a fatal shooting.

    We’ve all heard it…loud music blasting from a car and it's upsetting. However, that act recently resulted in a fatality.

    A Florida man, 45-year-old Michael Dunn is in police custody, facing charges after he allegedly shot and killed a 17-year-old boy, Jordan Davis over an argument concerning loud music.

    According to reports, Davis and his friends had left a nearby mall and stopped at a gas station where the altercation with Dunn occurred.

    The suspect told police that he asked the young group to turn down the music as their vehicle was next to his.

    Dunn’s attorney claimed that the teens began threatening him and supposedly brandished a gun.

    That’s when the suspect reached for his own firearm and shot nearly 10 times towards the vehicle and then left the scene. Police claim that no gun was found in the teenagers’ car.

    In May 2010, a retired Teas firefighter shot and killed his unarmed neighbor, who was an elementary school teacher over loud music from a house party.

    A jury found the firefighter guilty of murder.