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    Floating Cemetery Proposal in Hong Kong

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    by Geo Beats

    See the new floating cemetery proposal in Hong Kong.

    Many areas around the world are complaining about space crunch when it comes to cemetery plots.

    Now, a new cemetery in Hong Kong could be placed in an unusual spot.

    The design firm, Bread Studio is proposing an Offshore Cemetery, which is essentially a floating area for the deceased. Dubbed ‘Floating Eternity’, the structure will house 370,000 compartments which will hold urns containing human remains.

    The wall containing the niches will rotate, allowing the maximum amount of urns to be held. The floating cemetery is modeled similar to a cruise ship and it would dock at a designated pier on the coastline.

    The moving walls utilize a rail track, which is empowered by tidal power. The walls rotate slowly and they are positioned at an angle towards the cruise deck, revealing a beautiful view of the sea.

    The floating cemetery also boasts several amenities including a restaurant on the lower level and a grass deck for visitors of the deceased to enjoy a picnic.

    The architects state that Floating Eternity is “far more sustainable than reclamation and offers serenity and breath-taking scenery which inland could compete with”.

    What do you think of the idea?