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    Two Brothers 'Aging Backwards' in Devastating Illness

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A new documentary is detailing the devastating illness of two brothers.

    A new documentary has recently premiered shocking and saddening viewers. Called ‘The Curious Case of the Clark Brothers’, it depicts the lives of 39-year-old Matthew and 42-year-old Michael.

    The brothers have leukodystrophy, a rare condition which attacks an area of the brain causing sufferers to revert to a childlike state. Leukodystrophy causes a loss of all neurological functions like sight, speech, memory, eating and hearing, resulting in eventual death as the brain eventually shuts down.

    Usually children are affected by the condition, but this case is unusual as it not only involves an adult, but two grown brothers. The men now need care 24 hours a day.

    Their parents, Tony and Christine had taken an early retirement, but they dropped everything to help their sons once they learned of the illness. The brothers began showing systems while in their mid 30s.

    Tony speaks of his sons stating “Both of them are very childlike now. Matthew went out the other day and bought himself a train set and a Mr. Potato Head. It is like an adult having a toddler's tantrum. We feel absolutely powerless.”