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    Moon Rocks Found in Government Storage Area

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    by Geo Beats

    Moon rocks from the Apollo 11 mission are discovered in a government storage area.

    Few things are more valuable than the moon rocks that have been brought back to Earth from lunar missions.

    However, some of them were recently discovered in a bizarre place.

    According to an army major, “Apollo 11 moon rocks were found amongst military artifacts in a storage area at the Veterans Service Building in St. Paul”.

    Five small, encased rocks were discovered. The Minnesota Historical Society will take over the pebbles at a transfer ceremony and put them up on display at STARBASE.

    Officials claim that they do not know how the rocks came into the government’s possession but it is widely known that Nixon handed out moon rocks as a gesture of goodwill. Nevertheless, the state’s historical society is thrilled by the discovery.

    The director states “It is exciting to think that our collection includes artifacts from across the globe and now with these moon rocks, the galaxy.”

    Last year, another moon rock was found in an unexpected place.

    The pebble was brought to Earth after 1972’s Apollo 17 mission.

    The rock was given to the state of Arkansas, but disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 2010. Then in 2011, an official going through approximately 2,000 boxes of Clinton materials in Little Rock discovered the pebble in a box of paperwork.