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    Inti Guttu - 9/12 - N.T.Rama Rao & Savitri


    by RajshriTelugu

    Inti Guttu - 9/12 - N.T.Rama Rao & Savitri. Producer : Sastry Aakella, Director : Vedantam Raghavayya, Cast : N.T.Rama Rao, Savitri, Rajsulochana, Relangi, Pushpavalli, Gummadi, Suryakantham, R.Nageshwar Rao, Music Director : M.S.Prakash. Tirumala Rao (Gummadi)'s sister Nancharamma (Suryakantham) comes to his house with her husband. They has a huge loss in their business. Nancahramma's husband is very cunning. He palns to perform his son's marriage with Tirumala Rao's daughter. But unfortunately Tirumala Rao's wife delivers a baby boy. Nancharamma's husband exchanges his son with Tirumala Rao's son so that he can get all the property registered on his son's name. Nancharamma cannot bear the pain of being away from his own son. So she plans and creates a misunderstanding between Tirumala Rao and his wife Lakshmi. Due to which Lakshmi had to leave the house. Lakshmi goes to an orphanage where she takes care of many orphans. When Nancharamma's husband comes to know this he takes away Lakshmi son and leaves him in front of the same orphanage where Lakshmi is. Lakshmi takes care of the baby unaware that he is her own son. Years passes by and Nanacharamma delivers a baby girl. Tirumala Rao plans to perform marriage of Prabhakaram and Shobha (Savitri). But Nanacharamma doesn't want them to get married as they are brother and sister in relation. Prabhakaram turns out to be a dacoit along with his girlfriend Rita (Rajsulochana). Gopalam (N.T.Rama Rao) turns out to be an honest cop. Regarding the recent llots happening in the society Gopalam takes up the case and goes to Shobha's house in disguise. There he finds out that Parabhakaram is the main dacoit and also falls in love with Shobha. But Tirumala Rao wants to perform Prabhakaram and Shobha's marriage. Will Tirumala Rao comes to know that Prabhakaram and Shobha are actually siblings. Will Gopal get back his real parenst, forms the rest of the story. Check out this movie Inti Guttu.
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