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Man has always needed love and care. He wants to feel protected by someone stronger than him. For this reason, he used mythology to interpret the events of his primitive everyday life, by attributing them to supernatural forces. Giving his own explanations for the unexplained enabled him to cover his basic insecurities. At the same time he managed to satisfy his vanity of superiority on the rest living things on the planet, as he believed he had the "goodwill" of the "boss." Of course, he didn't omit to express his gratitude to the supernatural powers on every occasion. The first religion was born.

Over the centuries, primitive religions have shown the way to new ones. Although the human talk was always present at events of worship, it evolved enough to help the spread of the prayer as the most direct tool for "communicating" with God. No matter if this communication is one-sided or bilateral; it is more than certain that the prayer is beneficial to the man who prays, because he receives back the positive energy caused by him.

The track "The Great Spirit" ("Wakan Tanka") is a prayer, an inner journey in search of God. It is a direct and simple message of love, free of conventional forms of religious expression, but it doesn't reduce the value of any religion as it has a wider significance. The selection of symbols on the cover and the video aims to complete this message: While the man who prays is waiting for a response from God, the legendary "Thunderbird" (the "bearer of happiness" according to the Indian tradition) rewards him wishing for eternal life (symbolized by the butterfly) and happiness (symbolized by the sun).

I would like to thank UniversoIgnoto for giving me his permission to use his cloud videos in the official video of "The Great Spirit".

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