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    1982 Brainwashing Details and Liechtenstein Crown Sighting

    Jeff Scott

    by Jeff Scott

    Details of the 1982 MKULTRA brainwashing I was subjected to, and my sighting of the Missing Crown of Liechtenstein. Behavior modification experiments and other, including attempted programming to respond to certain electronically generated sounds. NSA Devil Worshiper The Witch, aka The Snake Lady. Lake County IL and neighboring areas.

    I'm surprised that over the past 2 years, no one has asked me for details of the MKULTRA type brainwashing that I was subjected to in 1982 by The Witch, and no one asked me how DIA prepared me to survive known Communist brainwashing techniques using MKULTRA in 1981, as stated in my websites.

    One effect of today's post is that some people at DIA and CIA will know that I am telling the truth, because I am describing a hitherto classified known Communist brainwashing technique. I put this here for the people too, although I do not expect many to believe it or understand. Not at this time anyway.

    1982 MKULTRA Brainwashing Details & My Sighting of Liechtenstein Missing Crown

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    In July 2010 I contacted all the agencies that should have been necessary to resolve this, list of and their action/in-action in response.

    List of Govt. Contacts July 1-2 and Their Action or Inaction So Far