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    by CynixBox

    Parody of G1 Transformers Season 2 episode "The Revenge of Bruticus"

    ACT 1 - Starscream is sick of hearing the Combaticons' version of "Chocolate Rain" ("Astrotrain") so he decides to break up their alliance and travel to Cybertron. The Combaticons make their way to Cybertron, before Starscream, where they encounter Shockwave..the snitch who got them locked up millions of years ago. Bruticus appears delivering his sales pitch for Renegade Lemonade. Shockwave is defeated and Cybertron is captured. Meanwhile on Earth, Megatron uses the Insecticons to collect energy. Optimus wishes Billy the Exterminator would show up. Tracks doesn't like his rear end. Sideswipe sees 70's and 80's stars. Back on Cybertron the Combaticons rewire the Space Bridge to lure the Earth into the Sun. Perceptor has news about Spike's future wife. The Protectobots help the Autobots with the annoying humans. Perceptor alerts Prime of the warming Earth.

    ACT 2 - Onslaught is briefing his comrades, an attack of space crabs, produced by Shockwave's projector, throws the Combaticons on their heels. On Earth, the Autobots search for the Space Bridge control panel. An incoming transmittion from Starscream threatens Megatron. Starscream and Shockwave tussle, until the Comabticons break it up. Hot Spot battles wildfires, while a farmer's missing goat causes panic. Red Alert loves his Playboy Magazines. Blades rescues as many stupid humans as he can. Megatron realizes Starscream is being truthful about the rising temperatures. Ramjet finds Shrapnel, Bombshell and Kickback at Megatron's request..

    ACT 3 - The broken Space Bridge control panel needs repaired. Perceptor thinks traveling to Cybertron on Astrotrain or Omega Supreme would be a faster option to save the Earth from the Sun. Megatron has passed out along side Optimus Prime due to Spike's stench. The Protectobots have devised a get rich quick scheme of selling human organs to hospitals. At the Space Bridge, Megatron and Optimus are ready to fight..Perceptor sends them off to Cybertron. On Cybertron, the Bots and Cons free Starscream and Shockwave. Starscream says he was forced to threaten the Decepticon Leader something Shockwave fears Megatron may show his good side. Decepticons teaming with Autobots charge against the Combaticons. The Chipmunks are blasted by Megatron forcing Bruticus to appear. The Renegade Lemonade inventor was turned down for a Cybertronian liqour license and can't get any additional alcohol. Starscream says Bruticus was outfitted with an alcohol treatment program. The Earth is saved but Optimus is joyous about possible human casualities. Megatron enlists Starscream to murder his huge former ally. Bruticus is seemingly destroyed by Megatron. Sideswipe complains about the "Revenge of the Fallen" and "Dark of the Moon" use of weird looking characters. Prime receives residual payments from the Bay movies. Starscream's plan to deceive the Autobots is rewarded.