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    Until now, thermosetting plastics have been classified as non
    RecyclamineTM epoxy hardener technology allows manufacturers, for the first time, to design and produce
    fully recyclable epoxy-based composite products. Connora founder and CTO, Dr. Stefan Pastine, invented the
    Recyclamine technology.
    Connora Technologies, a cleantech
    developing an entire line of Recyclamine hardeners that will serve to replace conventional hardeners for
    standard composite manufacturing processes. Recyclamine hardeners are specially engin
    enabling a mechanism that converts thermosetting epoxies into thermoplastics through a low energy and
    environmentally friendly recycling process.
    Key Benefits
    Recyclamine is a complete sustainable solution for the thermosetting composite
    creates value by reducing costs during production, extra
    addressing consumer/industry pressure for proactive environmental responsibility and
    future regulatory requirements.
    fully recyclable epoxy
    non-recyclable. Connora Technologies’
    chemistry and materials provider based in Hayward, California, is
    market. The technology
    extracting value at end-of-use or end
    epoxy-based composite