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    Powered by the NEX-5R camera from Sony the world's first real-time gallery - YouTube


    by dm_50b5f3d23873f

    The new NEX-5R compact camera from Sony comes with a huge 16.1 megapixel APS-C sensor for pro shots and Wi-Fi connection for beautifully simple sharing. We wanted to show the versatility of the new NEX-5R camera, Its DSLR sized sensor and built in Wi-Fi. So we asked 3 photographers to journey through their cities
    At night. In a spectacular experiment, all three snap their way round their city, then upload their shots live via Wi-Fi to a London gallery where an audience eagerly awaits the photos. It's a unique showcase for a sleek, smart camera that lets you put DSLR-standard images online in an instant. Now there's no need to compromise on picture quality when you want to share your photos in real time.

    To discover all the features of the brilliant new NEX-5R by Sony, head to