Advocacy Group: Mothers Have Right To Expose Milk-Engorged Breasts In Public

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Organizers say until there is absolute acceptance of breastfeeding, nursing moms must vigilantly expose their swollen, milk-sodden breasts everywhere from community cookouts to the local hardware store.


Sounds good to me...............
By Paul Orchard Friday
Really wonderful Fresh Breastmilk Sharing Fun program!


I love sharing my abundant supply of healthy fresh wholesome breastmilk with my church group young new mothers! Many young mothers work in offices, so cross-X-nursing and breastmilk expressing comes in real handy!

Great way to help out and relieve over worked mothers with copiously breastmilk engorged situations at work and at home and outdoors!

Being a Certified Lactation Consultant, I am often called to make office-calls and house-calls to help out my lovely buxom fully breastmilk engorged young mothers!

And I show many of my Church Moms how to produce copious amount of healthy fresh breastmilk, like a well-fed German Holstein cow, and how to maintain abundant supply of fresh breastmilk, especially many office-working mothers!

And How to Enjoy The Beautiful Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding by sharing and cross-X-nursing with each other.

It's A Wonderful Breastfeeding Day In My Neighborhood!

Oh, oh, what an engorged breastmilk relief it is for the mothers!

Thanks to my favorite actress ALICIA SILVERSTONE and other female lactating celebrities for promoting the Womanly Art of Copious Breastmilk Sharing Fun!

Breastfed Is Best Fed!

Latch-on Tight and Suckle Up A Spell !

I Know Fresh Breastmilk Does My Shapely Body and my Church Moms Aplenty Good!
By Carie-Marie MILK last year
By dm_5079d5b32ec3c 2 years ago
By Ken Vorland 2 years ago
Make sure those women sit in front of the way of everything. This is important.
By 9 99 2 years ago