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    Water Bottle That Refills Itself

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    by Geo Beats

    This newly invented water bottle refills itself.

    Imagine a water bottle that refills itself.

    A man named Deckard Sorensen started a business that has come up with a design for just that, and he hopes it will be on the market by 2014.

    He got the idea from the Namib Beetle that lives in the desert, and has to get its drinking water from moisture in the air.

    Sorensen said: "Every morning this beetle climbs to the top of a sand dune, sticks its back to the wind, and drinks 12 percent of its weight in water. We use nanotechnology to mimic this beetle’s back so that we too can pull water from the air."

    His invention uses a fan to blow air over a specially coated surface that promotes condensation as the air passes and collects in the bottle.

    Another design that was influenced by the Namib Beetle collects the moisture from fog.

    A graduate student from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology invented a mesh design that turns fog into usable water.

    While testing the design in the field, the researchers were able to collect a liter of water in a single day, using one square meter of the mesh.