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    Cadbury Debuts Chocolate That Withstands Extreme Heat

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    Cadbury unveils a new chocolate that withstands extreme heat.

    Cadbury has created a new recipe for chocolate that is resistant to melting even when in the extreme heat of 40 degrees Celsius for over three hours.

    Regular chocolate starts to melt when the temperature hits 34 degrees Celsius.

    Cadbury has achieved this chocolate innovation by making the sugar particles smaller than normal, which lowers the amount of fat that covers them in the chocolate making step known as conching.

    Though they have said that the new recipe may taste a little different than traditional chocolate, Cadbury is looking to expand their market with the new recipe.

    They have submitted a patent application that says: "Production of temperature-tolerant chocolate would allow production of chocolate-containing product more suitable for hot climates, particularly in less economically developed countries where the supply chain is ill-equipped to handle temperature fluctuations."

    Concerns about melting chocolate were partly responsible for the success of another chocolate innovation.

    M&M candies became popular during World War II.

    They were given to US military soldiers because they don’t melt as easily as other kinds of chocolate thanks to their outer shell of hard sugar coating.

    Their slogan “The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand,” was created in 1954.