Bo Xilai's Police Tortured Mob Suspect into Framing Lawyer

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There are fresh allegations that disgraced officials Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun led a campaign of torture to extract evidence while he was the Party Chief of Chongqing. The family of businessman, Gong Gangmo, convicted in 2010 for gang crimes spoke with NTD this week, saying they were forced to frame his lawyer, but now want the truth to be told.

[Gong Ganghua, Brother of Convicted Businessman]
"Why did they want to frame Li Zhuang? Because he knew my brother was innocent. All the accusations of murder or drug trafficking against my brother were false."

Gong's brother, hired former Beijing lawyer, Li Zhuang, back in 2009. During Bo and Wang's anti-crime campaign, Gong Gangmo was accused of and then arrested for leading a mob. Gong Ganghua says his brother was tortured for days on end to confess, and when he spoke out about the torture, police forced him to frame Li by alleging Li had coaching him to fabricate the torture claims.

[Gong Ganghua, Brother of Convicted Businessman]
"My brother was told to cooperate with the Chongqing Special Cases Task Force, otherwise they would have executed him."

In February 2010, Li Zhuang was convicted and sentenced to 18 months in jail for fabricating evidence and obstructing justice. Gong was convicted for gang related crimes but escaped the death penalty.

Li Zhuang was released in June 2011 and has been appealing his conviction ever since. His case gained traction this year after Bo was purged from office. China's top prosecution office has now accepted Li's complaint, and says it will handle the case according to procedure.

Li has also agreed to represent Gong Gangmo again.

[Li Zhuang, Framed Beijing Lawyer]
"Some of the shady backstories are being exposed, like how they were forced to give confessions, how they were threatened and beaten by police and coached to frame me. They did this against their will, they feel really ashamed and have apologized to me."

Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun both gained high praise for fighting crime in Chongqing. But Li's jailing prompted a public outcry, and suspicion that their efforts were fraught with illegality.

Li says he will meet with prosecutors this Wednesday to discuss his complaint.

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