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    More Danielle Murphree lies


    by JoanRose33

    Danielle Murphree BB14 tells Britney Haynes that she just did something really sweet for her. Then she tells her lies. Here is Danielle's HOH blog post. See if it matches up to the lies she just told Britney, who she said she NEVER lied to.

    "POSTED ON AUG 8, 2012 10:18AM

    Hey Y'all!! I just wanted to start by saying thank you to everyone who is watching and everyone who is supporting us!! Right now, the tension isn't really bad in the house but i know on Wednesday a lot of drama will probably occur because of the 2 house guests that are currently on the block.

    I wanted to let all of my friends and family in Tuscaloosa, Alabama know that i can't wait to see them again and ROLL TIDE!!! :-) I love you all (Trey, Jessica, Danielle, Kurt, Matt)!! Thank you to all of my amazing coworkers and employers at my job for supporting and cheering for me while on BB!

    This experience has been so amazing for me!!! I can't believe that i am currently HOH and that i am able to send a message to all of the AMAZING fans out there!! I hope that y'all are enjoying the season so far and i just wanted to personally let y'all know that I am so thankful and grateful to everyone and anyone who is watching the show and cheering us on! Y'all are the best :-)!!

    If y'all want to know who i am truly close with in the house then you obviously know that i am extremely close to Dan, Shane, and Britney. Those 3 really mean the world to me and i am so beyond blessed and honored to be working and be friends with them :-). Dan, to me is almost like a father figure, he is always looking out for me and is constantly coaching me. He is one of my best friends and he will always be so special to me. Now, i think everyone knows what my relationship with Shane is ;-). Hahaha no seriously Shane is one of my best friends and he truly has a heart of gold, he is an amazing guy. Lastly, Britney is the best!! I love that her and I are so similar and that we can talk about everything! Britney will be one of the girls in my wedding someday :-) that should tell you just how important she is to me!

    Last but certainly not least, i wanted to thank God for all of my blessings and helping me get to this place in my life. I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without him! Again, i can not say thank you enough to everyone who is watching and supporting us!! Thank you so much!! Love y'all!!"