Brother and Sister Are Literally Allegic to the Cold

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Brother and sister are literally allegic to the cold

A brother and sister in Colorado are allergic to the cold.

When they come in contact with cold temperatures, the children quickly develop a rash and hives.

But the allergic reaction isn’t limited to winter weather.

When their parents were trying to figure out what was causing the rash, they went to a doctor who pressed an ice cube on the boy’s arm for a few minutes, and hives developed.

The boy’s sister has also been diagnosed with the allergy known as cold urticaria.

Her throat started swelling up when she was in the air conditioning at school.

There is no cure and moving somewhere warm is not an option because even ice cream or cold drinks can set off an allergic reaction.

An even more unusual allergy is the one in which a person is allergic to water.

One woman in the United Kingdom developed the allergy after the birth of her child.

She can only take short baths, and can’t drink water, tea, coffee, or juice.