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    Pokertox is Botox for Poker Players

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A doctor in New York introduces his new procedure dubbed 'Pokertox'.

    Cosmetic procedures were once geared towards women wanting to preserve a youthful appearance.

    However a doctor in Manhattan has come up with a form of Botox directed at an unexpected clientele group.

    Dr. Jack Berdy has announced his special procedure dubbed ‘Pokertox’. The technique will allow card players to keep that impartial, straight faced look without giving away that ‘I’m bluffing’ signature face.

    The doctor is a former poker player himself and states the new idea “was just a natural match for the business I’m in and an application that hasn’t been done before.”

    According to Berdy, there aren’t many players that can maintain a completely impassive poker face.

    The procedure costs approximately $600-$800 and lasts about 3-4 months. Young and aspiring poker players may have another option.

    A school in Cambridge, England has begun a reward program for bluffing students, who are efficient in telling white lies. The concept is simple, the independent Perse school allows kids to explain themselves in 10 seconds flat, without using brazen and obvious lies, but utilizing the truth mixed with small, believable untruths.

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