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    Tofu May Lead to Better Sex Life

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    Study finds tofu and other soy products could lead to better sex life.

    Tofu is widely considered to be a healthier food ingredient. Now there may be another reason for tofu intake.

    Eating tofu, or other plant based compounds that contain estrogenic compounds may boost your sex life.

    A study using red colobus monkeys in Uganda shows that increased consumption of estrogenic compounds changed the hormone production of the monkeys.

    They spent less time grooming, which is another form of social bonding behavior, and showed signs of increased aggression and frequency of mating.

    Co-author of the study Katharine Milton, professor at the University of California Berkeley's Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management said “it is very useful to find out more about the exposure to such compounds in living primates and, by analogy, human ancestors. This is particularly true when determining the influence of phytoestrogens on reproductive behavior, which is the whole keystone of natural selection."

    Diet can have different effects on people and their behavior.

    For instance, studies suggest that sugar can lead to various behavioral effects like depression.

    Do you think your diet affects your mood?