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    Toothache Causes Man to Drive 40 Miles in Wrong Direction

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    A man drives 40 miles in wrong direction while suffering from toothache.

    There are few things in the world worse than a debilitating toothache.

    One man in Austria experienced that first hand while driving.

    He was troubled so much by his pain that he drove 40 miles the wrong way through busy roads to get treatment.

    During the drive, he caused a lot chaos, got into one accident and even radio stations started warning other drivers to pull over.
    A police representative noted - "he ignored blue lights and sirens, he just didn't seem to notice anything."

    When arrested, he said he doesn't recall driving and had taken a combination of alcohol and medication before ending at the medical facility for his toothache treatment.

    He's not the first driver to have a novel reason for breaking the law. A woman in Florida, 41-year-old Melissa Miller was reportedly driving 100 miles per hour in a 30 zone. Once she was finally stopped, Miller told police she “was letting the Lord spirit guide her”.

    In another Florida incident recently, officers responded to a report of reckless driving.
    They found a pickup truck weaving and pulled the vehicle over. The driver, Warren Michael III told them that a squirrel, residing under his shirt was eating him.