People Who Live Life Without Knowing Their Own Names

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Many people who live life without knowing their own names

There are reportedly dozens of people who are living their lives without knowing their own identity.

The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System and the US Department of Justice are working together to develop a database to try and find out the identities of these John or Jane Does.

There is currently no government program for dealing with these cases, so they are faced with many challenges including finding work and health care.

Some of them are afflicted with mental illness or have undergone an accident that resulted in amnesia.

A psychology professor at Bielefeld University, Doctor Hans Markowitsch has a hypothesis about amnesia cases that explains why they can remember things like how to read and the names for things, but not personal information.

He thinks there are two separate factions that contribute to a complete memory: fact memory, and emotional memory.

One man who goes by the assumed name of Benjaman Kyle was the subject of a documentary film entitled Finding Benjaman.

After the release of the documentary about his struggle with not knowing who he is, the man was given a special Florida state ID card, and has been hired at a restaurant that pays him under the table.