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    Buff Ban: Wiener tells nudists to cover up!

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    A nudity ban in San Francisco's predominantly gay Castro District has sparked naked protests throughout the area. The ban narrowly passed with a 6-5 vote by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

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    Supervisor Scott Wiener proposed the ban last month to the Board of Supervisors. Wiener claims, "the dominant demographic expressing concern is gay men." In other news: we are in love with that sentence.

    Nudist enthusiasts -- say that five times fast -- can still bare all if they are participating in street fairs and parades (can you imagine a gay pride parade without perfectly manscaped balls flying left and right!?). But the buck nakedness stops there, no more nudity in plazas, subways, streets, etc. All of this thanks to a 6-5 vote in approval of Wiener's legislation.

    Many worry the ban will detract from San Francisco's claim to freedom of expression. Moments after the nudity ban was announced protesters ripped off their clothes in opposition. We cannot report on any who was in favor of the ban, because they were probably wearing clothes and that's no fun.