War on Christmas: Atheists vs Christians


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So-called “Christmas” has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus. The Roman Church falsely proclaimed December 25 as his birthday to drag people away from the pagan Yuletide, which is the true name of this holiday. Historians have placed Jesus’s actual birthday in April, May, June, July and September. Some say that the notorious September 11 is the true Christmas, Jesus’s birthday, but every historian worth their salt would emphatically say that December 25 isn’t his birthday. December is the rainy season in Israel, when shepherds kept their flocks cooped up in the stables. The flocks only roamed outside in the warmer and drier months.

As an atheist, actually more a negative Jainist, Yuletide trees, lights and jolly old Saint Nick don’t bother me, and I don’t like Yuletide carols, but I just don’t sing or listen to them.
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