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    Gay marriage UK vote fast-tracked by David Cameron

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    UK Prime Minister David Cameron and his coalition government look set to fast-track a vote in Parliament to legalize gay marriage within the next few weeks, as opposition to the plan within his Conservative Party gains momentum.

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    Tories are divided over Prime Minister David Cameron's unwavering support for same-sex marriage. Chancellor George Osborne, citing Obama's reelection in the US, believes backing gay marriage would give the party a boost in the polls.

    But surveys suggest perhaps a third of Tory voters may desert the party if gay marriage is pushed through.

    Cameron has decided to bring the issue before Parliament for a vote within weeks, to prevent the opposition from building up too much momentum and to disgruntled Tories enough time to get over their unhappiness with the vote before the next election.

    Gay marriage is almost guaranteed to pass. It will be supported by both the Labour and Liberal Democratic parties, which would provide more votes than Tories opposed to legalizing same sex marriage could muster.