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    My remake of ALL synths in "Wir sind Helden - Denkmal"

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    Oliver Schadrin

    von Oliver Schadrin

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    Here is a total and complete remake of the synthesizers used in Wir sind Helden's "Denkmal".
    I created every synth and every note data by ear only using one plugin: 3xosc. Seriously, I hate people who sample or compose with samples, even though most of todays music is made that way. Maybe I'm just mad or something, but I would rather burn my computer than using samples.
    Having this makes me able to play the song live. To do so, I needed a sound bank, which i eventually created by myself, and the piano tabs, which I heard out by ear. So not using samples gives me another advantage: I can change EVERY synthesizer parameter right while I'm playing, making performance more interesting and more subtle.
    At any rate, I think I definitely know the synthesizer part by heart now :D