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    Top Foods to Eat to Lose Weight and Feel Better! (Organic Super Foods)


    by superfoodhealthyliving


    Knowing which healthy foods to eat to lose weight can be a challenge. And many dieters find themselves giving up due to feelings of frustration and even boredom. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Listed below are five diet snackswhich can be enjoyed whether you are new to fitness and dieting or are trying to maintain the results you’ve already achieved.
    You can snack and lose weight!
    Grapes can be a dieter’s best friend. Due to the constant hand-to-mouth action, eating grapes can easily put an end to the mid-day munchies and can keep you from heading to the fridge during your favorite prime time TV show. Grapes are fat free, and a whole bunch will only result in 70 calories or less. For an even tastier alternative try placing your grapes in the freezer. Frozen grapes are quite a bit sweeter and can be a refreshing fruit treat on hot summer days.

    Cheese curds:
    A great milky treat, cheese curds when made with skim milk will have minimal calories and lower fat than other dairy products. Try enjoying these little cheese morsels with an apple or a handful of berries as a satisfying dessert. They are also great with a small helping of whole grain tortilla chips!

    Air popped popcorn:
    One of the best foods to eat to lose weight is simple, butter-free popcorn. By purchasing your own air popper and skipping on the greasy butter topping you can enjoy a whole bowl full of this classic snack anytime you’d like! With only 100 calories in four cups, you can snack all the way through an entire blockbuster without any worries at all!