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    Jeff Mils

    by Jeff Mils


    Tubenator Video Tools (Custom YouTubeGrabber Elite Version)
    You'll need these tools!
    Best youtube video tools! Now these tools allow you too a few things, lets begin with rating your own videos, you input your user accounts, select "rate" then decide whether it will be "thumbs up" or "thumbs down", I don't recommend selecting thumbs down for your own videos.
    There you go, now Tubenoia will cycle through every account and every video url you provided and thumb them up or down(depending on your selection), on all accounts, for example if I input 100 accounts and 3 videos and select thumbs up, it will give each video 100 thumbs up!
    Not only can Tubenoia do that, it can also allow you to mass comment on all of your videos, giving realism to each of your videos! Select the accounts, input the video url and select the comments, done! So simple and yet so effective.
    TubeNator also allows you to favourite, subscribe and add as a friend! Honestly I love this tool!