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    Bosko Bosko's Dog Race (1932)


    by andythebeagle

    Bosko and Bruno are frying eggs over a campfire. The aroma tempts a squirrel, leading to dire consequences for poor Bruno.

    This is a reasonably decent short, not the best of the series, but funny in spots. There will be minor spoilers:

    This short begins with Bosko cooking an egg over an open fire, while singing. He regularly flips the egg into the air, drawing it to the attention of a squirrel, which then eats Bosko's meal. Bosko pulls a shotgun from off-screen and starts after the squirrel (leaving the campfire burning).

    While chasing the squirrel, he and Bruno see an ad for a dog race, with a prize of $5,000 and Bosko tells Bruno he's going to enter and win. Bruno seems doubtful and is markedly unenthusiastic at his prospects.

    From this point on, until Bruno spots the squirrel again, the short drags a bit. Watching Bruno "train" is kind of dull, as is most of the race. Only when Bruno sees the squirrel again does the cartoon show much life or energy. Bruno excitedly chases the squirrel, only to have the squirrel drop a beehive on him. The rest of the short shows Bruno running from angry insects.

    The ending is fairly nice and overall, the short is a reasonably enjoyable one. I hope it eventually makes it onto a future Looney Tunes Golden Collection. Well worth watching, at least once, anyway.