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Bosko the Doughboy (1931)

5 years ago117 views

Bosko is a dough-boy in the Great War.

Bullets and bombs are everywhere. (A bomb even blows up the title card.) Bosko and his fellow infantrymen are hardly safe in their trench. Bosko is happily eating from a pan full of beans when a bomb hits the pan and destroys his meal. Bosko misses Honey; he pulls out her picture and kisses it. A cannonball tears through it, making her head a gaping hole. Now Bosko is angry. He vows revenge but the moment his helmet appears above the trench, it's hit with dozens of bullets, knocking him back down. Another soldier (a horse) briefly cheers him up with harmonica music. Bosko gets his chance to be a hero when his buddy (a hippo) swallows a cannonball.

I'm writing a review on Bosko The Doughboy, a 7 minute long cartoon only because I think it's really really funny, and very anti-PC. It's definitely the funniest Bosko cartoon I've seen, and although I doubt I'm in the same critical league as my fellow reviewers here, I've seen enough Bosko to know what the usual humor level in one is. So what were my favorite parts? The violence for sure, that slaps you in the face, like a very early Popeye fight, only in this the cartoon characters croak! The part with the flea caught me totally unprepared and actually made me laugh out loud very loudly! The animation is really good, much better then I was expecting. It's on par with stuff Warner was doing in the 40's maybe even better there are a lot of details going on and movement. Highly recommend it for adult viewer's, for kids too if they are at least pre-teen. As far as one reviewers question about what war it was, Doughboy is a nickname for American soldiers in World War One so there you go. It is not going to demonize an enemy since it was made in 1931 and Germany was at peace with the world. The same things would happen after World War Two where cartoon characters may be in the war but the enemy is unseen. You don't want to ruin a countries market not only for that cartoon, but also all the movies you are making with bad press. You also see that happening in TV series where although you see the enemy, most times they are not demonized (unless SS or Gestapo) and their abilities are made more respectful so as not to offend that countries market from selling your TV shows and movies in it. For Bosko The Doughboy I rank it a 10 of 10 on the scale of all the Bosko episodes and a 9 of 10 for cartoons, I really liked it. I rank it a 10 of 10 on the scale of all the Bosko episodes and a 9 of 10 for cartoons, I really liked it.