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    Bosko Shipwrecked! (1931)


    by Allan

    After a terrible storm at sea, Bosko ends up shipwrecked on an island. He wakes up on the beach as two monkeys are fighting over his hat. They upset a nest, and an egg falls out, splattering on Bosko's face. "Yolk's on you!" cries a parrot, who can't stop laughing at, and repeating, his pun. The parrot laughs so hard he falls off his branch and into a dead tree trunk shaped like a tube. When he comes out, his feathers have been torn off. Bosko soon has worse troubles than a mocking parrot. A lion chases him. Bosko is saved by an alligator when the lion accidentally jumps into its mouth. But Bosko is not safe yet. He faces his greatest danger when he encounters simian cannibals.

    Bosko is largely a forgotten character by most people, if they ever knew of him in the first place. The fact that the cartoons are rarely seen accounts for this and he is rarely seen in part because of a perception that black and white shorts are of little interest and in part because of a feeling that the character is stereotypical in nature and thus offensive. So shorts that are entertaining, if unspectacular, are effectively buried when they shouldn't be. Well worth seeking out. Recommended.