Bosko Bosko in Dutch (1933)


by andythebeagle

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The last appearance of Goopy Geer (seen here in a cameo).

The first cartoon directed by Isador "Friz" Freleng (who was uncredited).

The song "Ach du lieber Augustine," better known to school kids as "Hail to the Bus Driver Man," is on the soundtrack.

If you've seen many Bosko shorts,you'll recognize quite a bit that's familiar here in this one, for all that it's set in Holland. With a few obvious changes (the buildings-even down to an out-house!) are windmills and the shoes are either ice skates or clogs, this is basically Bosko gone Dutch. He and Honey still dance (in clogs) and they still sing.

One of the cutest gags is a little duckling stopping to run to an out-house. That should give you an idea of the type of humor in this one. The gags are fairly predictable, with a central plot point basically copied from an earlier short, only this time, instead of Bruno trying repeatedly to avoid going through a hole in the ice and eventually failing to avoid hitting the water, it's two versions of Wilber skating and going into the water instead.

The first time Bosko rescues them from the water is fairly interesting and the timing is very good on the whole bit. But this is a Bosko cartoon and things repeat, so they wind up back in trouble, this time on a piece of ice and the rescue the second time at least earns points for creativity, even if it is rather abrupt and most strange.